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HealthMonitor is a free powerful and featureful system monitoring tool for Windows. It works as a Windows Service and check system status (event viewer, disk free space, services status, performance....) and notify the administration by E-Mail, SMS ...

You can use this program for free or customize the source code.

Click here to download HealthMonitor (it requires .NET Framework 1.1)

Project Status
I started HealthMonitor project because I was interested in OpenSource Community development and I also needed to build a small utility for System Monitoring... 
Later on I've been encouraged from your new feature requests and this exciting project grow a lot with the help of many people.
Unfortunately because of lack of time and the project's complexity I didn't make much headway on my own…

PC Expert (French)DotNetMania (Spain)Punto Informatico (Italian)
PC ExpertDotNetManiaPunto Informatico
MS Technet Magazine (English)Security Focus (English)
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