HowTo create a Windows XP Boot disk with Service Pack 2

Today I was involved creating a Windows Live CD and I was wondered how can I create a SP2 patched Windows XP.
I found some articles speaking about Slipstreaming: the process of including patches into a software installation; using this method I create my own updated Windows XP CD that I will use with BartPE.

What do I need ?
1) a copy of WinXP CD
2) a CD burner with CD creation software (in this example I use Nero Burning Rom 6)
3) Isobuster (
4) a copy of Service Pack 2

The update process (slipstreaming) is very easy:
- copy Windows XP CD to hard drive (in my example D:\CD-XP)
- extract SP2 running WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe -x on a folder (in my example D:\XP-SP2)
- start the update process D:\XP-SP2\i386\update\update.exe /s:D:\CD-XP

Now I need to create the Bootable CD
In order to extract the boot loader from the original Windows XP CD using ISO Buster
- select Bootable CD, extract Microsoft Corporation.img to D:\CD-XP.
Before start burning I need to set some parameters in Nero Burning Rom
- in the boot tab: insert the previous .img file, enable Expert Settings, choose No Emulation, and change the Number of loaded sectors to 4
- in the iso tab: set the option Do Not Add ";1" ISO file version extention and set the File Name Length to Max of 31 Chars (ISO Level 2)
- in the label tab: keep the Volume Label the same as on the original Windows XP CD

For everybody who want to follow my instructions, I suggest to use a CDRW


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