Free Antispam solution for MS Products (Part 2)

Following my previous post, I analyzed 2 products: ORFilter and SpamAssassin....

Open Relay Filter
ORFilter operates on your mail server, when detecting/suspecting a spam message, it's depending on the score, either deleted, redirected or let through with an altered subject.
The program is available here ( and its installation is really quick and simple.

SpamAssassin is one of the most popular free Antispam tool, on this site you could find the instructions for its installation on a Win32 Environment.
It is really powerful but it's installation and management isn't really simple.

These solutions is serial (while it is working on one message, no other event sinks can fire during that time) so if you get a lot of messages in a day, then this might not be the best solution for your system; it could be nice if anybody do a performance test.

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