Ghost: tweaking speed

As usual speaking with Simone is really useful...
Yesterday we're talking about ghosting methods and I was explaining him my experience using an external USB hard disk as ghost support with BartPE; if the server support USB 2.0 the performances are really good and often better than Unicast method.

He focused me about network performances when copying data from MS-DOS to Windows due to different "TCP window size"; Windows 2000 uses a default TCP receive window size of 17 KB for Ethernet (8 KB in Windows NT 4.0). MS-DOS sends back-to-back packets in an attempt to fill the receiver's buffer that is flooding its network adapter. The MS-DOS real mode network adapter driver is unable to keep up with the stream of packets sent by the MS-DOS TCP/IP stack, which results in packet losses

Microsoft article Q244826 provide the solution adding a new registry value in the registry key:
Value Name: TcpWindowSize
Data Type: REG_DWORD
Value: 8192

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