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One of the most important actually missing feature into the Microsoft blog platform is the ability to add custom html code; this means that you're not able to add statistics, counters...

I found a simple workaround based on the copy/paste feature of Internet Explorer that support the OLE mechanism.

Let's make an example:
1) goto and create your own counter (you should receive an HTML code)
2) copy the code into notepad and save it as mypage.html
3) open mypage.html using Internet Explorer and copy the counter image
4) create a new post on you MSN Space and paste the counter image
5) publish your new post and you will see something like this

It also works with music, let's try this example:
<bgsound src="" loop="100" >
<img src="" />

I wasn't able to publish a form or more complicated code.
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Anonymous said...

Scott Isaacs provide a solution for HTML content on MSN Space.

Take a look here:!1pNcL8JwTfkkjv4gg6LkVCpw!147.entry