Create ISO images with Nero

I need to create some copy of DVD into ISO images so I will be able to mount them using XP Virtual Drive.

Basically it should be really simple but I experienced a lot of difficulties with Nero Burning Rom version 6.6.

I have no idea why Ahead will not allow you to select an ISO output format when using the Image Recorder; that seems like the intuitive way to do this. And why do they not provide some simple way to convert a .NRG format image into an ISO image ?

The TIPS is to use Nero Express and use the following procedure:
1) Press the "More >>" button
2) Press the "Save Tracks" button
3) Select the CD-ROM drive that has the disc you want to create an ISO file for.
4) Select the track you want to have in the ISO image (I'm not sure if the ISO option will work for multi-track CD-ROMs)
5) Select "ISO image File (*.iso)" in the "Output file format:" drop down combo-box.
6) Press "GO"
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