session.save_path error on Mambo 4.5.2

I would like to take note of this simple workaround with session.save_path error on Mambo 4.5.2 when the PHP session directory is not writable and you're not allowed to change its path (e.g. on SourceForge Site).

Just create a .htaccess file on your web site root directory with this contents

php_value session.save_path "/<a valid path>/Sessions"
php_value session.auto_start "On"

And create a Sessions writable directory in your site root directory

If you want to check your configuration you can create a page with

<?phpinfo();?> or
<?php echo (($sp=ini_get('session.save_path'))?$sp:'Not set'); ?> or
?php echo is_writable( $sp ) ? 'writable' : 'unwritable';?>

If you want to use it on SourceForge you should create the Sessions directory under the following path:
/tmp/persistent/<your project name>/
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