Ultrasound and Sonar: Manage FRS

File Replication service (FRS) is used to replicate files and folders in the SYSVOL file share on domain controllers and files in Distributed File System (DFS) targets.

Ultrasound is a monitoring and troubleshooting tool for the FRS
Ultrasound measure the health of FRS replica sets by providing health ratings and historical information about replica sets, it also allows administrators to monitor the progress of replication and detect problems that can cause replication to become backlogged or stopped.

Sonar is a graphical tool that allows administrators to monitor key statistics and status about members of a file replication service (FRS) replica set. Administrators can use Sonar to watch key statistics on a replica set in order to monitor traffic levels, backlogs, and free space.

Useful link: Monitoring and Troubleshooting the File Replication Service
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