SQL Profiler without Sysadmin rights

SQL Profiler is one of the standard suite of client tools that are distributed with SQL Server 2000, only members of the sysadmin fixed server role can execute the SQL Trace system stored procedures.
So, if you are not a sysadmin, you can't run Profiler, in SQL Server 2005 this limitation has been removed.

Is there a workaround ?
By default Local Administrators are members of sysadmin role so you can run profiler.exe with MyRunAs (see MyProjects on http://www.vittorio.tk .

If you also want to limitate the tracing to a specific DB (e.g. DB0001) you can use this sintax:

cmd /c profiler /Slocalhost /DDB0001 /E /TTraceDB0001.tdf
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