Cluster Disk Signature Mismatch

In the last 2 days I experienced with Max a problem on Windows 2003 Cluster caused by an hardware failure.

The signature of a cluster disk was broken and the cluster service fail to start generating the following error:

Event Type: Error
Event Source: ClusSvc
Event Category: Physical Disk Resource
Event ID: 1034

The disk associated with cluster disk resource 'Disk M:' could not be found. The expected signature of the disk was B7828ACF. If the disk was removed from the server cluster, the resource should be deleted. If the disk was replaced, the resource must be deleted and created again in order to bring the disk online. If the disk has not been removed or replaced, it may be inaccessible at this time because it is reserved by another server cluster node.

The problem has been solved replacing the signature using Dumpcfg.exe tool of Windows 2000 Resource Kit after stopping the Non Plug And Play Cluster Disk Drivers from the hidden devices of Windows Device Manager.

Other useful links:
- complete resolution procedure: MS article ID 280425.
- Cluster Server Recovery Utility (ClusterRecovery.exe)
- How to Change the Quorum Disk Designation: MS article ID 280353.
- Troubleshooting Quorum Resource Problems: Technet Site
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