SEIZE FSMO: Win32 error returned is 0x20af

I was recovering from a Domain Controller crash seizing the FSMO Roles (*), after typing Seize domain naming master into NTDSUTIL I got the following message:

Attempting safe transfer of domain naming FSMO before seizure.ldap_modify_sW error 0x34(52 (Unavailable).
Ldap extended error message is 000020AF: SvcErr: DSID-032101AF, problem 5002 (UNAVAILABLE), data 8438
Win32 error returned is 0x20af(The requested FSMO operation failed.The current FSMO holder could not be contacted.)

I googled a lot to search about this error but later I discovered it wasn't a real error because using netdom query fsmo I noticed all the roles were moved to the right domain controller.

(*) I followed a Daniel Petri Article
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