IIS utilities

At first I would like to link the new logos page.

Powered by IIS Powered by IIS

Then I found 3 utilities:

- ADOMONITOR: a tool built for real time monitoring of ADO-related errors. Besides these kinds of errors, it also displays connection parameters, SQL queries, descriptions, and other ADO/ODBC-related information, all in real time. It also features the possibility of reviewing all of this information from log files.

- Di IIs Web Manager: a web application written in VB.NET to manage IIS6.0. Both WMI and ADSI is used. DiIWM can connect and manage local and remote IIS. DiIWM also provides an assembly (Di) written in C# to manage IIS6.0.

- IIS Metabase Explorer: a tool that allows you to view the hierarchical structure of the metabase, edit the hierarchy or data values, copy or move data from one key to another, backup and restore the database and track changes made to the metabase by any application running on your system.
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