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I noticed we had little space left on our C drives of our terminal servers and upon further investigation found a whole lot of .hdmp files.

These hdmp files are apparently some logs generated by the system itself when the exe crashes. One of our application actually has crashed repeatedly. But I want to turn off creating these logs since they are quickly filling up my C:\ drive.

The only way to disable the error report was to disable all error-reporting. Under My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced -> Error Reporting -> Disable Error Reporting -> check off the checkmark "But notify me if critical errors occur".

These settings helped me. If I don't check off "But notify med if critical errors occur" the dumps will be generated, but directly deleted after I check off the error pop-up.

There is a tool, called heapmerge.exe, that will take a `hdmp` file, a minidump, and it will create a useful dump file for the debugger consumption. That tool is used by the `watson` crash dump collection to perform automatic crash analysis.

Unfortunately heapmerge.exe is an internal tool, not availalbe for outside consumption.
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