Alternative solution to NTBackup in Win2008

I used FileACL to audit and report all the file permissions on Windows Servers.

Some features:
- View ACLs on any NTFS local or remote drive
- Set ACLs on any NTFS local or remote
- View Ownership
- Change Ownership
- Uses Backup and Restore Rights to view/change ACL/ownership on non accessible files/dir
- recurse through files and directories

Since Windows Server 2008 doesn't allow file/folder backup (differently from Windows 2000/2003), I needed an alternative solution to NTBackup in Windows 2008....

I use fileacl with /BATCH switch to dump permissions to a file, then I ZIP files/folders including previous created dump.

Since it's really old, I'm not sure it fully support NTFS v.6.0

With this solution I'm able to restore files and reapply permissions like I did with NTBackup.

Actually I'm only missing System State Backup, the workaround is to export registry .....

Download from: here or here.
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