SQL Memory Performance Issues

If you're wondering if your SQL Server is lacking Memory, you can get your answer easily checking these Performance Counters Thresholds:

SQL Server Buffer Manager: Average Page Life Expectancy
Explanation: A buffer that has a 300-second page life expectancy will keep any given page in memory in the buffer pool for 5 minutes before the buffer pool flushes the page to disk—unless a process references the page.

SQL Cache hit ratio
Explanation: This counter shows the percentage of pages that are found in SQL Server’s buffer pool without having to incur a read from disk.

Memory: Available Bytes > 5MB
Explanation: On a server dedicated to SQL Server, SQL Server attempts to maintain from 4-10MB of free physical memory. When the amount of available bytes is near 5MB, or lower, most likely SQL Server is experiencing a performance hit due to lack of memory
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