Kali on WSL2 with Desktop Experience


As you may know you can install the  advanced penetration testing linux distribution KALI on WSL2 (Windows Subsystem for Linux).

The great news is that you can have a real desktop experience of Kali on a Windows client using Win-KeX.

The features are:
  • Window mode: start a Kali Linux desktop in a dedicated window
  • Seamless mode: share the Windows desktop between Windows and Kali apps and menus
  • Sound support
  • Unprivileged and Root session support
  • Shared clipboard for cut and paste support between Kali Linux and Windows apps
  • Multi-session support: root window & non-priv window & seamless sessions concurrently
The installation is really easy:   sudo apt update && sudo apt install kali-win-kex

A step by step video is available here

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