IIS: migrating site from IIS 5.0 to 6.0

I'm following a site migration from an IIS 5.0 to an IIS 6.0, after I setup everything in a standard way I asked the customer to test it.. he became frustrated because some ASP pages doesn't run and some other run slower on this new Pentium4 server with Windows 2003 than a Pentium3 server with Windows 2000, mmm... I need to get in depth on it !

After looking inside at the ASP code I finally isolated the error and I discovered these 2 things:
1) the server was unable to upload files greater than 204800 Bytes because there is a limit on IIS, you can increase it modifying the entry AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed on the metabase.
2) the paging functions (pagesize, pagecount...) run slower if response.buffer=false due to a bug that will be corrected in Windows 2003 Service Pack1 (see MS Article 840875)

I apply these 2 workaround and now everything run faster !!!
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