Outlook 2003 SP1 Bug

I spent some hours troubleshooting a strange problem with Outlook 2003 SP1 with the help of krAnk and Roberto Restelli.

I've multiple POP3 accounts and all the accounts are configured with the same SMTP server (apart GMail that use its own), all the e-mails were sent from my GMail account even if I selected another account....

When Outlook try to send an e-mail and the SMTP server doesn't allow, instead of generate a NDR (non delivery report) message, it try to send it with SMTP server defined in other accounts.

The problem is caused by a bug in Outlook 2003 SP1 that will be fixed in SP2 version, an hotfix will not be released.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Vittorio,

James Day here, hope this helps.

I had an issue whereby it would only send through the default account but have found the solution as follows...

Outlook 2003

tools>options>mail setup tab>send/receive button

create a group for each of the pop accounts, unless some accounts you want to send via a single smtp.

In the individual groups add your individual accounts to seperate them all out.

Unselect your accounts from the ALL group.

Now when you send, it will send from the smtp you specified in your account. Remember to use the account drop down to select the account you want to send from in your e-mail message.

If it helps send thanks to day_james@hotmail.com / day_james_at_hotmail_dot_com