WSUS with SQL Authentication

Microsoft says only Windows Authentication will work when using a remote SQL Server, I found a solution to make SQL Authentication works !!

You need to modify some values under the following registry key:
HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Update Services\Server\Setup

SqlAuthenticationMode = SqlAuthentication
SqlServerName = yourSQLServerName
SqlDatabaseName = yourDatabaseName
SqlUserName = YourSQLUserName

The SqlEncryptedPassword value should be generated using the EncryptionUtilities.EncryptString function from the Microsoft.UpdateServices.Internal namespace located into the microsoft.updateservices.common.dll located into the C:\Program Files\Update Services\service\bin folder of your WSUS Server.

If you're not a developer and want to obtain the EncryptedPassword in an easy way, just download the utility from here:

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