Failed to start SNMP Service

Max told me it happened to him but I forgot the cause and I searched a lot during the last 2 days...

Problem: the SNMP Service fails to start and the following events are logged in the event viewer.

Event ID: 26
Event Source: Application Popup
Description:Application popup: Service Control Manager : At least one service or driver failed during system startup.

Event ID:1003
Event Source: SNMP
Description: The SNMP Service has stopped successfully

Solution: check the UDP port 161 for bindings (in my case EpsonBidirectionalService bound that port )
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1 commenti:

Anonymous said...

Thank very much ! I was looking for the solution.
However I don't really know what is the role of EpsonBidirectionalService.
There is 2 big Epson printers (paper of 1m20 width) linked to the PC. I don't know if they will work well after stopping this service!